The winged sandals of Hermes in Greek mythology which​ allow for the ability to move freely between realities

Move Freely

Talaria is an unobtrusive wearable technology that directly translates walking motion into movement in virtual reality.

Between All Realities

The system is designed for use in both seated and standing experiences, perfect for anything from stationary to room-scale VR. Talaria wirelessly outputs the user's motion as a standard game controller, so there's no need to install drivers or SDKs - just plug and play.


Everyone is different, which is why Talaria has been designed to adapt to a wide range of users. Its elastic straps allow it to fit comfortably over anything from bare feet to work boots, as well as on hands, elbows, and other adaptable locations. For additional information regarding accessibility, please contact us.


To achieve natural associated movement, Talaria incorporates orientation tracking for accurate decoupled motion, pressure sensing for a responsive system, multi-stage input to confirm intention of travel, and dynamic travel speeds. The included control panel allows users to tailor their device in real-time to match personal preferences, yielding the most comfortable, universal experience.

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